Healthy Marriages Begin with Healthy Partners

Dec 09, 2016

According to marriage experts, the first major crisis in many marriages is the birth of their first child. Raising a child can bring parents to the height of joy and the depths of despair. Parenting a child evokes emotional extremes … Read More

Is it Time? How Do You Know When It’s Time to Part?

Jul 29, 2016

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Part? Articles differentiating infatuation and lust from authentic love, quizzes about compatibility or lists of what you need to know before you choose a mate abound in books, magazines and online. But … Read More

Divorce Anonymous: Recovery from the Grief of Divorce

May 27, 2016

By Deirdre Hally Shaffer, MSW, LCSW In 1935, two men Bill Wilson, a New York stockbroker and Dr. Bob Smith, an Akron surgeon, founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to offer suffering alcoholics a successful road map for to achieve sobriety and … Read More

Rebuilding Your Sense of Personal Security after Divorce

May 23, 2016

By Deirdre Hally Shaffer, MSW, LCSW In 1943, Abraham Maslow, in A Theory of Human Motivation, defined a five-stage hierarchy of needs necessary for individuals to achieve their full potential. Since the steps are sequential, an interruption can cause an … Read More

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