New Beginnings

Is Forgiveness Possible?

Oct 31, 2014

Divorce is a stressful time emotionally, financially, physically, and psychologically. It often results in two people who were once rational human beings showing the darkest sides of their personality. The divorce process may also trigger negative feelings from the past. … Read More

The Two Wolves – Feeding the Good Wolf

Oct 20, 2014

The frequently changing emotions precipitated by divorce can be varied, difficult, and overwhelming. At times, it can feel like we’re going crazy or riding the SADMADGLADSCAREDHURT Roller Coaster For The Truly Brave. Read More

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Sep 17, 2014

Many books have been written about the meaning of difficult and painful challenges in life and why they happen. It’s been the subject of psychological, philosophical, and spiritual researchers who seek to understand the purpose of pain and suffering in an imperfect world. Read More

The Value of Single hood Post-Divorce

Sep 10, 2014

The grieving process in divorce can involve complicating factors unseen in other types of grief. In addition to mourning the death of an intimate relationship and partnership, the loss of family, financial stability, social contacts, and extended family relationships lead to lifestyle adjustments. Read More

Words of Wisdom Through Divorce

Jul 21, 2014

In contemplating the subject of this article, I considered writing about divorcing an addicted spouse or recovery from infidelity. There are SO many issues surrounding the distress and despair involved in divorcing. Instead, I thought I’d share some inspirational words … Read More

Making More with Less

Jun 26, 2014

By Deirdre Hally Shaffer, MSW, LCSW One of the transitions accompanying divorce is adjusting to a new, and often lower, financial situation. The income that supported one household now has to support two households. In many circumstances, spouses who stayed … Read More


Jun 18, 2014

by Dr. Susan Burger What do we mean by “Anti-Aging”. Aging is a part of your life cycle. You can’t stop the clock, so can you really be against aging? This obsession can lead to the use of superficial ways … Read More

It Takes A Village

Jun 10, 2014

by Deirdre Shaffer I poled a few of my clients and friends, wondering what it was that most helped them to survive the transition and pain of separation and divorce. It’s one thing to know the clinical aspects of the … Read More

The Many Layers of Unattaching

May 05, 2014

By Deirdre Shaffer, MSW, LCSW, Therapist in Bucks County, PA Perhaps you have been married for 2 years or 10 years or maybe even 30 years. When you made that decision, you “became one” or made a soul connection that … Read More

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