New Beginnings

Be Not Afraid Of The Sun

Apr 21, 2014

by, Dr. Susan Burger ________________________________________ But be respectful. We have mistakenly become afraid of the sun, donning big floppy hats, slathering on SPF 1000, hiding in the shade, or hanging out indoors for fear of that big orange ball … Read More

Divorce and Successful Co-Parenting

Apr 15, 2014

I have been doing parenting mediations over the last four years and counselor for over eleven. One of the most common questions that arises is “How do we successfully parent our children when we are no longer in the same … Read More

Arielle’s Insight: The Handoff

Mar 28, 2014

One thing I do not miss from my childhood is living out of a suit case. When I was about 10 years old, my father remarried and moved in to my stepmother’s house. It was a bit of a hike … Read More

They Must Think I’m a Lunatic

Mar 12, 2014

By, Dr. Susan Burger They must think I’m a lunatic. The negotiations had started out OK. This couple was wanting to rent 2 rooms in my office building for their small business. They had many questions and asked for some … Read More

Navigating Solo: Facing Your Financial Future

Feb 27, 2014

You may or may not have handled your family finances. Or perhaps you and your spouse shared the responsibility. Even if you had completely separate bank accounts and split expenses, your circumstances have changed and you need to consider your … Read More

Arielle’s Insight: Parent Communication

Feb 18, 2014

Communication. Do not use your children as the messenger. My parents did a pretty darn good job at keeping “adult” discussions to themselves. They would discuss finances, schedules etc. on the phone, email or when they dropped us kids off … Read More

How Not to Sabatoge Your Next Relationship

Dec 27, 2013

Are you hungry for that lovin’ feeling? But why is true love so elusive? Why does it so often lead to heartbreak? Check out these heartbreak clues and see if any of these offer clues. Read on to see how … Read More

Expanding the Definition of Family

Dec 18, 2013

by Dr. Susan Burger I remember the first Christmas eve that I spent without my kids. That night before Christmas was always my favorite part of the holiday when I was a kid. Neighbors would drop by, we’d have yummy … Read More

Relationships After Divorce

Nov 05, 2013

Relationships between former spouses can be grouped into five categories. The first two are fairly positive; both parents continue to have a relationship with their children, and the disruption of the separation or divorce is minimized. In the last three … Read More

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