New Beginnings

Insurance After Divorce or Separation

Nov 04, 2013

PERSONAL INSURANCE NEEDS: After divorce or separation, you’re on your own. Arranging your insurance needs is important, but you my not be sure what you need or where to begin. It’s important that you work with an agent who understands … Read More

The Unromantic Prenup

Oct 31, 2013

Let’s face it: The prenup seems so utterly unromantic – or just plain wrong – but it’s also become so right for so many these days: those keenly aware that a marriage may end up in a legal separation, divorce … Read More

Remarriage After Divorce: How to Happily Remarry

Oct 31, 2013

In remarriage, one or both partners may bring painful past experiences into the relationship. To make a remarriage successful, here are 10 tips for marriage after divorce After divorce, people may be more cautious about marriage and relationships – which … Read More

Survival Skills: College and Career

Oct 10, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I know an awful lot of 20 year olds that are stuck. As a matter of fact, one of those 20-year olds is my brother. He played sports all throughout high school and did … Read More

Talking With Your Child’s Other Parent

Jun 15, 2013

When two people divorce, their relationship as spouses ends. But because the parent-child relationship continues, they need to develop ways to handle new parenting responsibilities. Ideally, they can work as a parenting team while keeping their personal lives separate. This … Read More

Visitation Do’s and Don’ts

Apr 30, 2013

For both parents and children, visitation is critical to maintaining a sense of connectedness both during and after a divorce. But in the early stages of family restructuring and co-parenting, it is frequently a source of conflict. If former spouses … Read More

Putting Your Life Together: 15 Things To Do After Divorce

Feb 05, 2013

The depth of emotional suffering of the newly separated or divorced is not generally realized. While society allows the bereaved years to adjust, the divorced are frequently expected to “pull themselves together” in a matter of weeks, unaided. Divorce results … Read More

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