by Dr. Susan Burger

What do we mean by “Anti-Aging”. Aging is a part of your life cycle. You can’t stop the clock, so can you really be against aging? This obsession can lead to the use of superficial ways to fight against aging that may leave a person deeply disappointed when the years begin to show anyway, eventually.

While this may be just semantics, I suggest we talk about “Growing Younger” instead. Having worked with thousands of practice members over the last 25 years I have seen many feel younger, look younger, be healthier and more energetic. When you listen to the body’s messages and honor them, give yourself what you need nutritionally, emotionally and spiritually, then aging becomes less of a factor.

With each little wrinkle comes wisdom. There is beauty in a body and soul who has lived on earth many years yet still reflects a spark and a vitality. In my opinion this will not be achieved by fighting an “anti-aging” fight. But by embracing the beauty that comes with age and a well-lived life, by taking care of yourself and knowing that being the best YOU helps you fulfill your purpose and plan for being here.

What if you focused less on being afraid of aging, and more on what makes your heart sing? What if you let go of worry and instead focused on gratitude? What if you were able to love yourself enough to take the time to do what supports your happiness and health?

For each person it may be a different combination of things. Dance, exercise, walk – just move your body somehow! Laugh a lot – it burns calories and helps support your health! Eat fresh and “real” foods. Be around uplifting people and in community with others. Be of service in some way that you feel is valuable. Utilize holistic health care and lifestyle changes that help support the body’s wisdom and ability to balance and heal itself.

Even if you haven’t taken very good care of yourself in the past, there is always today to make a different choice. It is easy to get distracted by the stresses of life and let YOU fall to the bottom of the priority list. “Gosh, I wish I had taken better care of myself”, is a common lament I hear.

Start now by picking one little thing that helps you “grow younger”. Do that every day for a month until it becomes a habit. It may be as small as adding one glass of water to your day, replacing your morning donut with some fresh berries, going outside to take a walk in the sun for 10 minutes each day, or looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “I am fabulous!”. Then pick another. Join with others for support if that is helpful for you.

The clock still ticks, yet a step at a time you will be slowly and gracefully growing younger. You may want to celebrate each birthday more than ever!

I know an amazing man that is part of an interfaith group I am involved with. One day Charlie was encouraging the group to make some powerful decisions and take action. He said that he has worked for years for peace, has a new 7 year plan, and wants to get to it! He is 93. My guess he will be celebrating his 100th birthday having worked his plan!

How old, or how YOUNG are you being today?


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