Arielle’s Insight: Spring Cleaning

We all know it has been hard to realize that the first day of spring is this week. The thoughts of yellow tulips, singing birds, rays of sunshine dance through our heads. For some, this seasonal transition may bring about a sense of motivation, motivation to change. Change your habits, change your mood, change your health or for some… change your relationship. Each and every one of us is working through a different stage in our life. Whether we use the tools we are given to help us navigate through those stages, is up to us. If you have been cooped up inside with your children and spouse and think that your relationship is a mess, do yourself a favor and take a step back. Look at the big picture. What were you ACTUALLY fighting about last week? Instead of blaming each other for your spending habits, sit down with a financial planner and go over your budget. Instead of creating conflict about parenting styles, sit down with a parenting therapist to discuss some new and beneficial parenting tips to try. When you are on the same page about finances and parenting, so many other parts of your relationship will fall back into place.

Parenting Tip

Work Together: Teamwork is crucial. Make sure each parent has equal parenting duties and input. Work together to make parenting goals happen. This will have a positive impact on your child, and it can strengthen the relationship with your partner. More Here.

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Happy Spring

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