Be Not Afraid Of The Sun

by, Dr. Susan Burger


But be respectful.

We have mistakenly become afraid of the sun, donning big floppy hats, slathering on SPF 1000, hiding in the shade, or hanging out indoors for fear of that big orange ball in the sky!

Remember first of all, the sun is life-giving. Without it you wouldn’t be able to survive. Our bodies and our minds need the sun. The key is moderating your exposure so you don’t burn, rather than avoiding it all together which can actually be quite detrimental.

Sun exposure can help some skin diseases including psoriasis, decrease the risk of MS, help Alzheimer’s patients, lessen the pain of fibromyalgia, decrease blood pressure, increase bone density, improve T-cell lymphoma, and more.

Research has found that moderate sun exposure can lessen the risk of breast and colorectal cancer. Surprisingly it is protective against the incidence of melanoma (a skin cancer) and decreases mortality from the disease.

This is partly attributed to the production of vitamin D3 which is found to effect 1,000+ genes that regulate many tissues in the body. When you don’t get enough sun exposure to keep vitamin D3 levels high then supplementation is a good idea.

Sun exposure enhances endorphins which are “feel good” chemicals in our body. Mild depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is relieved. We sleep better as melatonin is regulated through the “3rd eye” of the pineal gland photoreceptors.

And other bio-rhythms are synchronized through sunlight entering the eye.

Enjoy the sun without sunscreen on for short periods in early summer. Sunscreen decreases the amount of vitamin D3 the body produces. Start with 10 minutes a day and increase to a half hour as your skin gets used to the sun and starts to tan, which is protective. If your skin is already of a darker color you will be OK with longer periods of sun than someone with very light skin.

Do what you can to avoid burning as that is when damage occurs – otherwise being out in sun is good for you. You just might sleep better, be in a better mood, and feel happier and healthier!

So relax, close your eyes, and feel the warmth of the sun and it’s life-giving energy!

For more information about keeping your vitamin D3 levels up and further support on overall health and wellness consult your natural health practitioner.

Susan can be reached at, Wishing you a happy, healthy summer!


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