Arielle’s Insight: Parent Communication


Do not use your children as the messenger. My parents did a pretty darn good job at keeping “adult” discussions to themselves. They would discuss finances, schedules etc. on the phone, email or when they dropped us kids off at sporting events. They NEVER once asked my brother or I to tell Mom this or Dad that.

Let kids be kids. They should not know how much money Mommy is making, or why Dad has 2 jobs. “It is what it is” and the parents will just make it work. My parents did everything and anything in the ability to make us happy and healthy. If it required picking up extra hours doing some cleaning work, they did it.

* I am by no means an attorney, lawyer or mediator, but I am a child of divorce. I have learned what it is like to have your parents split. Specifically, I know what it is like to be a product of a “friendly” divorce. AKA mediation. So, I will share my words of wisdom with you on what I have learned and how it may be useful to you!

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